Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Fool

so as I am deep in the throughs of promoting my album I am sitting here reflecting about my journey, where I've come from and where I'm going..this last year has been so magical for me. taking the leap from fashion to music was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. and the way everything unfolded from there just brings me to hear how my music makes a difference in peoples lives ad to see the dedication of my just so profound. I've thought about destiny alot in my life..wondering why I was put on this earth..wanting so desperately to contribute something great to this world and seeing a vision of what this world could be, yet having no real vehicle for that desire. I see a society that thrives. a society that works with the earth itself to support all of our wonderful creations. the wonderous magical creations of humanity deserve to be experienced without jeopardizing our very lives ( yes I'm speaking of sustainability) and our beautiful children deserve to grow in a society that supports vitality, equality, creativity and love (yes I'm speaking of human rights and creative empowerment). these are the things that concern me. and this is the mission that fuels all of my pursuits. my struggle to become a leader and a hero have always been about fulfilling this burning vision of what our world could be. this album is a very personal one. its my journey of self discovery and transcendence of the things that hold me back. but the point of it is what I can do when I finally reach that goal of being a realized man. the power to change the course of our society is necessary. we cannot maintain our ways. something has to give. all of my personal work is to prepare for the global work that is needed to steer the course of life towards survival and find a way to THRIVE. so why am I sharing all this? I guess it's because I want you to know this is not about me. as vain and attention seeking as I can be, when I think about why matters it's about the potential of humanity. imagine what we could do..with the tools we a society, as race of beings living on this planet..the potential is limitless..but it starts with the self. and so this, my debut album, is the self. but the future...what's the world. I'm 100% committed to getting it right. life I mean. the tools are right in front of us. solar power advances everyday, our knowledge and technology advance everyday. and I believe humanity is good. we want to survive. we want to thrive in harmony with each other. we want to get along. we want to explore all the pleasures this life has to offer..and I won't stop until I have done everything in my power to move life in that direction.
I like to have fun and I like to indulge in hedonistic debauchery just as much as the next..but my work here on this earth is to transform our society. I know that your support is about so much more than me as an artist. the act of defiance, against an industry gone awry, of supporting an artist flourishing in a new paradigm (not dictated by conventional wisdom) is about so much more than handing out flyers. it's about a shift in consciousness across all industries and powers that be which will lead to our ultimate survival. so I just want you to know here I'm coming from with this. I appreciate your support and I also acknowledge that this isn't about me. we've come together to make a statement to the industry that we will not be corralled into the entrenched pop machine pumping out soulless money makers..a statement the the world belongs to the people. WE dictate what a "viable" artist is..not them. music shapes emotions and emotions shape actions and actions are the only thing that make any real difference. so if I can inspire one person to be themselves or stand up for what they believe in then I know I've made a difference. and if I can enjoy the ride along the way then all the better!
so thank you. thank you for sharing this journey with me. thank you for your unwavering support and for the belief in me that I can actually succeed in this impossible mission of global independent success completely driven by the the fans..and I promise you that if I get there with your help I will be a champion of the things I care about. a utopian vision of what this world and it's people could be.
your humble leader,
Cassidy Haley

- Cassidy Haley


standtogether said...

Your album is going to make a difference. I'll see how many copies I can buy, and from there I hope I can help things take off. Good luck, and thank you so much for this beautifully written post. It means a lot to those of us who are still trying to sort out what role we wish to take in the world.

Anonymous said...

And that, my friend, is why I love you.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you Cassidy. Everything is flowing, isn't it? It's been an honor witnessing your transformation - the struggles, the ah-ha moments, the fun, always the creativity at the root of it all....your openness and honesty. You are a treasure, a gift to those of us lucky enough to have learned about you.