Sunday, June 27, 2010

airplane philosophy #1

as I return from my show for st. Petersburg florida pride festival, I am reflecting on the current state of pop music. pop music is basically an escape..a frivolous and enjoyable forgetting of all the worries we have.. this escape is not bad, in fact it is sometimes essential..
but an escape can become an avoidance of real world things..that which you ignore, persists. in order to change what's not working you have to look at what's not working. and pop music in its current state really doesn't allow for the equally necessary introspection that we must face in order to grow. so what if pop music could further this introspection? what if pop music could provoke thought in the same way that folk and (some) hip-hop provoke thought? would that by it's very nature make it no longer pop music? or is there a place for real and candid thought process in this absurdly decadent and frivolous medium..I'd like to think there is..and if not, then I might just have to force it in..because for all my emo-folk background..I am a pop artist at heart. I want the glitz and I want the glamour..but I want it on MY terms..full of thoughtful introspection and candid revealing of deep and uncomfortable topics..
I think the world might be ready. if this oil spill has taught us anything it is that we cannot ignore the worlds problems...they will find us, and throw themselves into our culture until we deal with what's not working.. sustainability, cultural equality, global cooperation..these are necessary steps in humanities evolution..and as we drift in the fantasy of pop music..these problems are only getting stronger.

- Cassidy Haley



standtogether said...

All I can really say is that I agree. There is quite a bit of introspective pop music, you just have to search for it. And hopefully, searches for that will lead to you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i dare you to write a popsong about the oil spill, lol

i'd say pop was my guilty pleasure, but i like just about all music, so i don't feel particularly guilty about finding pleasure in it. if you ever wanted to do pop-with-depth, i would listen to it with the same happiness that i listen to your current styles of music.

even if it wasn't about environmental stability or oil spills ;p

Anonymous said...

Reality always comes screeching back to us. I think that's why entertainment was invented in the first place. Some people can combine the two, but either way, unless you live 24/7 in the world of fantasy, a bit of escape does us all good. As long as we understand it's all temporary...
Unrelated question...the photos of you at the top of this page- one is your face beaten and bruised. Care to share that story with us since you share that image?

Janet (redhairedwitch)

Cassidy Haley said...

Janet, the image at the top of the screen is photoshopped. I just wanted to show the contrast of perception. flawless or completely flawed. highlight or hide the blemishes, which is real? this was never how my face actually looked, lol..

Joan said...

I was listening to Ben Folds' "My Philosophy" as I read this -SO appropriate to these thoughts. Weird how that happens- that's twice it happened today, backing up the ideas in my head. I think maybe that is the Universe agreeing?

Either way, music can be a medium of positive change if used in positively creative ways. To do that, we have to first get the attention of the "pop" listeners. We need to create, by example, an environment where intolerance, waste, lack of foresight and self involvement without thought for anyone else is seen as a BAD thing.
I think you can, and should, be at that forefront. Let's spread the light, a little every day. Fantasy can breed reality.

Anonymous said...

Cassidy- well thank heavens for that! I hope that your perception was never the "flawed" version... It's horrible how many people, especially young girls, do perceive the flaws to be magnified. It's a side effect of popular culture...not being able to draw the line between the fantasy of perfection and the reality of what we actually are.